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Still trying to switch from Lightroom, but...


New Member
I've discovered two things that Luminar Neo won't do that were an important part of my workflow when I was using Lightroom.

1. When I use automatic masking to mask a person's teeth for whitening, Lightroom would allow me to add a bit of color shift to blue. Neo doesn't have that, so my subjects who have yellow teeth, just end up with brighter yellow! Dumb. I guess I could mask the teeth in each photo manually, but I'm spoiled now and don't want to do that much extra work.

2. With Lightroom, I've been able to add a simple text watermark during the export process. This is handy, as I can vary the characteristics of the watermark quite easily. Neo requires me to create a watermark using another app, like Paint, for example. Kind of a pain.

It's looking like I might take advantage of Luminar's money back guarantee. Am I missing something?