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Luminar Neo's Catalog pictures are not sharp


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Hello all,
On my 32 inches 4K DELL monitor, Luminar Neo's Catalog photos are not sharp. However, the photo in the Editor is sharp.
My computer is a Laptop - ACER Nitro Core-i7 with 32 GB RAM, Nvidia RTX 3070-Ti graphics with 8 GB VRAM, 1 TB SSD, QHD display. I have connected this to a 32 inch 4K monitor.
Any reason for not sharp images in the catalog? Thanks in advance.
Hello all,
I just found out that neither Luminar Neo nor its previous versions use GPU Acceleration. Quite shocking.
I also found that on my same laptop (QHD resolution 2560x1440), the catalog previews are quite sharp.
So, for a 4K monitor with 4096x2160 resolution, probably the lack of support of GPU acceleration is causing the trouble with the Previews of Catalogs.

I am just wondering, with today's technology, software of today like Luminar Neo not having GPU acceleration is really shocking to me.
Also, the Develop RAW, working for one instance only, and later works as some high quality image files, is also appalling. I did get some banding in some of my photos. Had all the tools worked in RAW, this would not have happened. But for some pictures, in general, Luminar is doing fine for me. But that does mean that I have to be put up with the non-GPU acceleration and work with non-RAW files except for the first instance.

What do others think of this in this forum, I would like to hear.
Maybe this external GPU support will come later or Luminar sees the target group of the software not having a dedicated graphic card in their PC?