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Neo won't display CR3 files - calling for help!


New Member
I'm a 12 year veteran of Lightroom who decided to try Luminar Neo due to privacy concerns. I've got Neo installed and have imported some RAW images from my camera's memory card.

Unfortunately, Neo won't display the images in the catalog module. It shows the warning triangle in the upper left corner of each image box. It does show the filename at the bottom of the screen. These are Canon CR3 compressed Raw files from a Canon R6 Mark II. There are no jpg copies in this folder. I know the images got transferred to my hard drive because I can see them with windows file explorer and Lightroom.

JPG images seem to display just fine and a DNG file displays fine too. Some of my older CR2 files display OK, at least part of the time.

Any clues as to what's wrong here? I'm hoping someone has at least one useful suggestion!

Thanks in advance!

Well, the problem apparently fixed itself. For some reason Neo could not find the files I had added, but would not tell me why. The next day it could suddenly find them.