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Keep being asked to pay for extras!?


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I recently bought Luminar Neo and I'm reasonably happy with it. I would never take out a subscription for software, so I made a one-off payment to buy the complete package.
However I keep finding that I am expected to pay extra for certain tools, presets or filters, which is really annoying! I expected that when I paid my money that I would get the complete package, not having pay for stuff that I might only use a couple of times!
Am I the only one or thinks this? Is there a way to get the whole lot in one go?

In fact I'm finding the workflow for this software so vague, that I am tempted to go back to Paintshop Pro, which has been my main photo editor for many years.
Yeah, sometimes this gets annoying. It seems to be a common behavior nowadays with software companies. I see this more and more everywhere.
What then happens is that instead of buying the Luminar Neo filter or function that I need, I will simply use a different editor that already includes that function.
You should look at this in a different way. Instead of including anything and everything the developer produces and puts up a very high price, consider it as a Basic Package which fulfills most of the people's needs and has a much lower price tag. If you needed more, just purchase, the only add-ons that you need for yourself, to fulfill your extra need. This way you keep building up the package as and when you start needing those extras. If you did not need many of the extras, you don't have to buy them. Your software package becomes a personalized package for you. Let me tell you a couple of examples from my professional work. I am a practicing architect. I have SketchUP Pro for 3D modeling. This is again a basic package. One can keep on adding so many plugins by purchasing, or some for free too, to build up a personalized package. Same with my Photo Realistic Rendering Software, Twilight Render Pro. Here too it is the same. With one of the most Industry Standard Photo Editing program ( I am not mentioning the name of the program), you are paying for tons of items that you may not need at anytime. It is the same with my CAD package. I am paying for a lot of features/modules that I'd never need.

So with Luminar Neo, you pay for any extra item which you really need to have for you. Someone else like myself may not need it. I am using Luminar products since their version Luminar 3. Since that time, till today, I did buy a few extras, to personalize my package. I think that you are finding it annoying that Skylum keeps on sending you mails that so many extras are available from time to time, which most other software developers do not do.

Hope this clarifies your query.